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CCST is a collaborative chat group on the Discord platform for Caribbean people in IT. Join the conversation!

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Lomar Lilly
Lomar Lilly
Information Security Consultant
Shaista Peart
Shaista Peart
Data Protection and Privacy Professional
Tekel Ingram
Tekel Ingram
Network Administration Professional

Collaborate with other like-minded Caribbean nationals.

We are a chat group of Caribbean people in various technology industries across the world.
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Constructive Feedback

Get support to learn, develop, identify solutions to issues and achieve your goals.

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Multiple Channels

Choose from multiple topics such as Cyber Security, DevOps, IT Administration, Incident Response, Health and Wellness, and Personal Development.

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Professional Opportunities

Get updates on international opportunities for networking and career development. Meet other professionals and land better jobs.

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Dedicated Admins

Our chat group Admins help to keep all conversations healthy and the community free from harmful content.

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Multi-Cultural People

Interact with other Caribbean people from varying cultures and professional backgrounds.

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Career Opportunities

Discover job opportunities to elevate your career and work with companies aligned to your morals and standards.

Hear from CCST members

Quick testimonials from our members about their experience with the chat group.

We're looking for you

CCST was designed for Caribbean people interested in an IT career, regardless of where in the world they reside now.
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Contribute, be heard, share your voice.

We support people at all levels of career development in the cyber industry. Your input is valuable. Your passion for IT is important to us.
Channel moderation
Our admins help to ensure the conversations stay constructive and respectful of each other's perspectives.
Trusted security
Our chat group runs on the security of the Discord platform, which supports millions of techies around the world.
Multiple topics
Share your IT voice on areas such as Security, Dev Ops, Networking, Risk, Compliance, Governance, and more!
Dedicated support
Our admins and moderators help to keep things flowing and resolve issues as they arise.

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Accept the invite link by clicking HERE and use the Discord mobile to stay up to date with activities in the CCST chat group.


Topics you can enjoy

Multi-channel options to share your thoughts, get help and reach your goals.
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Cyber Security and Data Privacy
Brandon Pliskin avatar image
DevOps and Automation
Ashley Mance avatar image
Network and System Administration
Mike Vandels avatar image
Forensics and Incident Response
Deiter Bohn avatar image
Risk and Compliance
Shelley Canning avatar image
Health and Wellness


Quick answers to common questions
CCST means Caribbean Cyber Support Team, and it is a collaborative chat group operating on the Discord platform filled with Caribbean people seriously interested in IT. CCST was co-founded by Taneisha Mitchell and Gavin Dennis and is an initiaitve of The G5 Cyber Security Foundation Ltd (GDF). The GDF is a registered non-profit organisation in Jamaica.
You can support by becoming a joining the chat group, which makes you a member, or businesses can become corporate sponsors. Additionally, if you're not intererested in IT or you're not a Caribbean national, you can still share our online media content with others to help us reach more Caribbean people.
Within the chat group anyone can contact one of the admins or moderators. There is dedicated channel called contact-admins. Additionally, a member can always send an email to [email protected]
Do you have more questions? Visit our Help Centre or Email Us


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